About Us

Adriana Fine Jewelry is a family owned company founded in 2002 in San Diego, California, and it’s the result of our lifelong fascination with jewels.
Over the past 16+ years, our company has grown from a local online store to selling and shipping to places all over the world.
We take pride in supervising every single part of the process. We start by choosing superb quality, highly crafted and unique designs from a carefully selected network of trusted jewelers. And then we guide our clients through the collections until they find the perfect piece, finishing their shopping experience with a timely delivery.
Our name stands behind Adriana Fine Jewelry, so you can be sure we work with integrity, quality and impeccable service. Always.
Adriana Fine Jewelry combines the sensitivity, determination and wonder that involve buying fine jewelry with the convenience of online shopping and personalized service.


About Adriana: JOY.  It’s a wonderful word, and one that Adriana, daughter of Mrs. Adriana, tries to surround herself with every day. To Adriana, jewelry is joy. It is celebration.  Jewelry is fashion; It’s fun and it is forever. Finding the right ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings completes an outfit. Don’t you feel like you’re missing something when you aren’t wearing any jewelry? So, Adriana works closely with her Mother and travels the world to find jewelry designs that are on trend, following color forecasts and identifying how selected fine jewelry designs not only accent our look, these jewels bring you a feeling of happiness, confidence, completeness. With Adriana, joy is found in simple pleasures like her love of the color sunrise orange, or watching children play carefree.  Sometimes joy is best given and not just received.  Think about that the next time you present  someone a gift. The smile on their face will bring you joy.

Jewelry evokes your emotions - When I was a child, my Father gave me a gift wrapped small box. What was inside was so much more than a beautiful ring. To me it was a symbol of his love and care. Now, years later, each time I look at that ring, it delivers the same emotions I recall on the first day I opened that small box.